Antoinette Brooks-Daw


Antoinette Brooks-Daw

Antoinette is from Somerset and joined Northern Ballet in 2008. She trained at The Trull School of Dancing in Taunton and was a Junior Associate of the Royal Ballet School before joining the Royal Ballet School (Lower and Upper Schools).

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Favourite roles

Young Cathy, Wuthering Heights; Madame de Tourval, Dangerous Liaisons; Tinkerbell and Wendy, Peter Pan.

Career highlights

Coming 2nd in the Young British Dancer of the Year at 15; winning the Phyllis Bedells Bursary, 2004.

Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Taunton. Somerset and then shortly after moved to Hong Kong for a couple of years before returning to the UK at the age of 3.

Where did you do your dance training?

I trained  at my mum's school, the Trull School of Dancing in Taunton up until the age of 11. I then studied at the Royal Ballet Lower School and then the Upper School

What made you want to be a dancer?

My mum inspired me as she was a big part of my life, teaching me up until the age of 11. Without her I absolutely wouldn’t be here!

What would be your dream role to dance and why?

Juliet, simply because I love the story and the music never fails to melt my heart.

If you could adapt one work into a ballet what would it be?

Harry Potter

Who are your artistic influences or heroes?

There are so many it’s hard to name a few. I was very lucky to go and see the phenomenal Vanessa Mae in concert when I was younger. Being a keen violinist I was so encouraged and excited by her talent, individuality and mesmerising stage presence.

Describe your perfect Sunday morning

Most definitely a long lie in

What was the first album you bought and what was the last album you bought?

Torches by Foster the People, Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

What would be your luxury item on a desert island?

A good book, not really luxurious but I could waste hours of time with my nose in a good book preferably one by Judith Lennox or Lesley Pearce.

What are you favourite places in Yorkshire?

Harrogate. It wasn't until I actually moved here that I found out it was where my dad was born, I have Yorkshire in me!