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Javier Torres - Dancer of the Month

Javier Torres

Javier Torres as Albrecht in Giselle. Photo Bill Cooper.

"Having a sponsor would make me feel supported and help me continue my career here at Northern Ballet."
Javier Torres

Javier began his ballet training in 1994 at the Vocational Art School Olga Alonso in Santa Clara city and continued it at the Elementary School Alejo Carpentier in Havana. He finished his ballet studies at the National School of Ballet.

In 2000, he joined the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, under the artistic-technical guidance of Alicia Alonso, where he was promoted to Premier Dancer in 2009. With the Ballet Nacional de Cuba he has performed in diverse countries of the Americas, Europe and Asia. He has participated as Guest Star in International Galas in El Escorial, Spain (2006); Carlos Acosta and his friends (2007), in London, and the Teresa Carreño Theatre Gala, Venezuela, (2008), (2009) and (2010).

Equally impressive was the Claudius of Javier Torres ... a thoroughbred dancer ... particularly good at melding his pure technique to the dramatic requirements.

Ian Palmer, Dancing Times [Nov 2011]

Javier Torres. Photo Justin Slee.

Martha Leebolt as Cleopatra with Javier Torres as Caesar. Photo Bill Cooper.

60 seconds with...

In a nutshell describe your job and how you got into it?

Dance is music played with the body. I got into it by accident really!

Where can you be found when you're not at Northern Ballet?

Cooking, going to the cinema or at home with friends!

What would you superhero power be?

Read people's minds.

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