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'What makes us unique? The way everyone works together is really special. It's the repertoire that puts us in a different field. We try to make ballet for everyone; we try to make dance for now, for tomorrow. For everyone that hasn't seen it we try to make it accessible in every way that we can.'

Kenneth Tindall, Premier Dancer

Northern Ballet is a place where young stars of the future can reach their potential, where dancers at the start of their careers are nurtured and where established artists can reach greater heights. By sponsoring a dancer you can help our dancers at all levels reach their potential and our young stars of the future achieve their dreams.

Abi is aged 13 and a student with Northern Ballet Academy. She dreams of becoming a dancer and believes that here, with Northern Ballet, her dreams are in reach.


Tobias Batley joined Northern Ballet in 2004 and is now a Premier Dancer and has created such roles as Mark Anthony in Cleopatra and Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby.

In January 2011, Premier Dancer Martha Leebolt won the Outstanding Female Performance (Classical) award at the National Dance Awards. Her skills and talent have been nurtured and developed at Northern Ballet and David Nixon OBE created the role of Cleopatra on her.

Northern Ballet is an inventive, challenging and inspiring company. We are a British success story. We nurture new talent, create new stories, engage and delight our audiences and bring ballet to more and more people. But we need all of our dancers to be able to do it.

What it means to me...

Our dancers tell us what it would mean to them if you sponsored them...

Antoinette Brooks-DawAntoinette Brooks DawTo be sponsored through this campaign would be massive motivation for me as a dancer. It would give me the confidence to believe in my abilities and allow me to develop as an artist. I would be forever grateful!Pippa MoorePippa MooreTo me it would mean that someone amazing is on the sidelines cheering me on, sharing the same dream understanding my vision and supporting me along the way.Ashley DixonAshley DixonBeing sponsored would mean becoming part of this fantastic growth both as a company and myself as a dancer and is a perfect opportunity to join a striding company before its peak.Isaac Lee-BakerIsaac Lee-BakerDarren GoldsmithDarren GoldsmithIf someone supported me though the Sponsor a Dancer campaign I would have the chance to connect with a supporter of the Company on a more personal level and know that they believe in me and the Company as much as I do.Teresa Saavedra-BordesTeresa Saavedra-BordesIt means a lot and I am very grateful to be sponsored for this campaign. I feel even more excited to keep performing, to continue my dream every day. Knowing that somebody is giving me amazing support.
Giuliano ContadiniGiuliano ContadiniHaving someone invest in me would be a great honour. It would help me develop my career and grow as an interpretive artist.Hannah BatemanHannah BatemanBeing supported through the Sponsor A Dancer campaign would be such a boost emotionally, for someone to show that level of confidence in you as an artist would, I am sure feel totally overwhelming.Sean BatesSean BatesHironao TakahashiHironao TakahashiIt will give me more confidence and it would brighten up 20 years of my dancing career.Jeremy CurnierJeremy CurnierIf I were to be sponsored it would allow me to continue the career I have worked towards since the age of eleven and I would carry on involving myself in all the roles given so I could bring joy to those who watch me.Jessica MorganJessica MorganDance is my passion, which grows when I am able to share it. Knowing I have someone supporting me and sharing my experiences through Sponsor a Dancer will make the hard work even more worthwhile.
John HullJohn HullBeing sponsored would be amazing as it would allow the creation of new pieces and the opportunity to create, perform and enjoy the amazing feeling of dancing!Kenneth TindallKenneth TindallKnowing that someone wanted to sponsor me would fill me with confidence and joy. It would allow me to continue to fulfil my ambitions and potential.Lori GilchristLori GilchristAs I grew up in Yorkshire I got to see many productions by Northern Ballet. From being 5 years old I knew this was the company for me. Sponsorship would encourage me and give me the confidence to fulfill my passion in the company I love.Martha LeeboltMartha LeeboltI would be very grateful and excited for the opportunities that a sponsorship would bring.Joseph TaylorJoseph TaylorBeing sponsored at the beginning of my career means a great deal to me as it means that someone has shown an interest in me as a professional dancer and the future of Northern Ballet, so thank you.Matthew BroadbentMatthew BroadbentJust starting out in my career such support would not only enable me to grow and progress with the help of David Nixon and Yoko Ichino but also provide me with confidence to perfect my art knowing I had assistance supporting me.
Michela PaolacciMichela PaolacciI have had some of the best moments of my career on stage with Northern Ballet. As a company we are always supportive of each other in every aspect of the job. To be sponsored would be an immense honour for every dancer and would help us grow in confidence and artistry knowing that we have your support.Nicola GervasiNicola GervasiTo be supported through the Sponsor a Dancer campaign would give me the chance to stay in the Company, keep growing as a dancer and to keep doing a job I love at a high standard.Rachael GillespieRachael GillespieIt represents faith in my artistic future, career development and confidence in my delivery and place in one of the world’s greatest art forms. I know I still have far more to give.Mariana RodriguesMariana RodriguesBeing sponsored enables me to continue to evolve as an artist in this company that I love. As dancers we work extremely hard to create something meaningful to an audience. Having someone recognize that and supporting it means the world to me.Sebastian LoeSebastian LoeTo be a sponsored dancer would grant me the support needed to allow myself to advance and progress as an artist.Thomas AragonesThomas AragonesIf someone chose to sponsor me, it would mean that they believe in me as an artist and would give me the confidence to keep growing.
Tobias BatleyTobias BatleyMy career at Northern Ballet has given me great opportunities to develop myself as a dancer, performing roles such as Mark Antony in Cleopatra, Hamlet and Dracula. For someone to sponsor me, just as my career is reaching new heights, would be greatly encouraging. Victoria SibsonVictoria SibsonIf I were sponsored it would be an amazing thing - I've always performed to my highest ability but having a sponsor behind me would raise a new element in my performance. I would go that extra mile to not only make myself proud, but their involvement in the performance through me, something to be proud of.Kevin PoeungKevin PoeungDreda BlowDreda BlowBeing included in the Northern Ballet ‘family’ over the past 4 years has shaped and defined me, not only as an artist but as a person too. I would be truly honoured and grateful if a sponsorship would allow me to continue my career as a part of this company’s exciting future!Javier TorresJavier TorresHaving a sponsor would make me feel supported and help me continue my career here at Northern Ballet.Abigail PrudamesAbigail PrudamesIf someone were to sponsor me I would be extremely touched. It would be a great feeling to know that someone is supporting me. Being sponsored would give me more confidence in what I do. It would be great to get to know on a personal level a member of the public who has faith in what I do.
Luisa RoccoLuisa RoccoI'm from Brazil and it would be amazing to me to know that I have someone in the audience here that appreciates and supports my work. Thank youMatthew ToplissMatthew ToplissOlivia HollandOlivia HollandSince being a new dancer and only joining Northern Ballet in August 2012, your sponsorship especially means a lot to me. I have found a place where I could really see myself develop as a dancer, and the chance to stay here longer gives me so much excitement.Katherine MinorKatherine MinorFeeling as though you are conveying something to the audience is one of the most satisfying things about being a dancer. If I were to be sponsored by someone it would be wonderful, because it would give me confidence that I really can achieve this goal of connection.Matthew KoonMatthew KoonIt would be amazing to be sponsored because that would mean that somebody out there loves what I do and is supporting and watching me with interest. It would be great to be able to dance for them.Lucia SolariLucia SolariGenerosity is for me the greatest quality in an Artist and in a human being. Knowing that there is passionate and generous people supporting the Arts, makes me feel like I’ve come to the right place. To be sponsored and know that the Company could benefit from it would be really wonderful.
Isadora Valero MezaIsadora Valero MezaFor me to be sponsored would be as rewarding as the applause is for a dancer. It is a support for our work, to arts and culture. Thank you very much, GraciasMlindi KulasheMlindi KulasheMaria BeseghiMaria BeseghiBeing sponsored would give me even more motivation for my work. I always love to perform for the public and knowing that there are people who enjoy watching always makes me want to be at my best. If there was somebody in the public who supported me and appreciated me, it would make me really happy.