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60 Seconds with... Jay Gatsby

Jay Gatsby (aka Tobias Batley) tells us a little more about himself...

Describe yourself in three words

Romantic, introspective and loyal

What’s your favourite cocktail?

My man, at my lunchtime haunt in town would tell you I prefer a Highball. But in the evening I unwind with a French 75.

What’s your favourite food?

Steak. Delmonico's on Beaver Street is the best place. I always go for the "Delmonico Steak", I believe people are beginning to refer to it as the "New York Strip" but to me it will always be a Delmonico’s.

If you could dance to one song what would it be?

Livery Stable Blues/Dixie Jass One Step by the Original Dixieland Jass Band

What is your ideal car?

I recently imported a Lagonda 11.9 from England. Beautiful car. It runs very well... Extremely rare too!

Describe your perfect night in

My parties are well renowned. I tend not to join in myself but I enjoy hosting these evenings and spare no expense for the benefit of my guests.

Describe your perfect night out

According to ‘Lipstick’ of the New Yorker (whose real name I happen to know is Lois Bancroft Long) the New York vaudeville scene is doing very well at the moment. But I don't get out much myself.