Hannah Bateman

Leading Soloist

Hannah Bateman

Hannah is from Surrey and trained at the Susan Robinson School of Ballet and Central School of Ballet. She joined Northern Ballet in 2002 having previously performed with The Israel Ballet. Hannah performed in Kenneth Tindall's Production Prize winner Project #1 in Hanover.

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Favourite roles

Juliet , Romeo & Juliet; Mina and Dracula’s Bride, Dracula; Marquise in Dangerous Liaisons; Cleopatra, Cleopatra; Isabella, Wuthering Heights; Pas de Deux couple, Perpetuum Mobile (Perpetual Motion). Also enjoyed dancing in Serenade, Onegin, Hamlet and Lambarena.

Career highlights

Performing Juliet in Romeo & Juliet at The National Grand Theatre in Beijing and Sadler’s Wells. Dancing Cleopatra in Woking, my home venue. Working with Wayne McGregor and dancing the principal couple in Christopher Hampson's Perpetuum Mobile [as part of Nothern Ballet mixed programme, Perpetual Motion - Ed].

Where were you born and raised?

Born in Chertsey Surrey and raised in Horsell in Woking.

Where did you do your dance training?

Susan Robinson School of Ballet and the Central School of Ballet from 16.

When did you join Northern Ballet?


What made you want to be a dancer?

The joy that it brought me when I was in class and performing.

What would be your dream role to dance and why?

I’d love to dance Ophelia in Hamlet and Cathy in Wuthering Heights because there is so much that you can do with the characters, there would always be something extra to explore with them. I’d also love to do some Forsythe work and have a go at Kylian and some David Dawson ballets. I'd also love to dance in Anthony Tudor's The Leaves Are Fading please.

If you could adapt one work into a ballet what would it be?

The beautiful pieces by Klimt.

Who are your artistic influences or heroes?

All the great teachers I’ve had and any artist who fully commits themselves to their work without fear of failure.

Describe your perfect Sunday morning...

Sleeping, eating, watching great movies and a bit of gardening.

What was the first album you bought and what was the last album you bought?

The first was one of the ‘Now’ albums and the last were Lana del Ray and Plan B.

What would be your luxury item on a desert island?


What are your favourite places in Yorkshire?

My home and garden. Liz Earle and Waitrose. Harlow Carr and Harrogate.