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The Academy of Northern Ballet is striving to ensure that talented students can access training, regardless of family or financial background.

If you have a query or concern regarding fees please contact the Academy team to discuss.

Course fees

The full cost of the course is £3,649 per year (based on costs for September 2019) and means-tested financial support is available to successful applicants supported by The Department for Education.

Please note that from Level 4 and above there is £75 top-up fee bringing the course cost to £3,724.

Funding grants

Using the table below you will be able to work out an estimation of the grant you could be entitled to. You will not have to make any contribution if your family income before tax is £31,139 or less (after deducting £2,072 estimated for each dependent child in the family) in the tax year ending April 2020. If your family income is more, you will receive a smaller grant and will need to make a contribution as detailed in the following table.

Relevant family income Amount of grant
Up to £31,139 Students would recieve a full grant
£31,140 to £35,292 £3,417
£35,923 to £39,444 £3,037
£39,445 to £43,596 £2,658
£43,597 to £47,748 £2,278
£47,749 to £51,899 £1,899
£51,900 to £56,053 £1,520
£56,054 to £60,205 £1,140
£60,206 to £64,357 £761
£64,358 to £68,506 £382
Over £68,507 nil

*Please note this is the updated information from the DfE- these are the current income bands for 2020-21 these may change for any following academic years.

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The next step

Should you be successful in your application you may be able to get help towards your contribution from other sources - please contact the Academy of Northern Ballet to discuss this. Parental contributions may be paid in instalments over the year. Suitable payment plans can be discussed individually following the offer of a place.

Travel and dancewear

Students may apply for financial assistance with travel and dancewear costs. Applications can be made on a yearly basis and assistance is means-tested.

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