The Ichino Technique

Whether aiming for a career in dance or simply dancing for fun, all students are trained under the Ichino Technique. This technique has been created by internationally acclaimed teacher and principal dancer Yoko Ichino.

The aim is to develop healthy minds and bodies and our syllabus is based on an in-depth knowledge of the scientific effects of dance on the human body. Under this method, young dancers learn how to cope with the physical and emotional demands of dancing through preventative conditioning, a clear understanding of their individual strengths and limitations and a detailed knowledge of dance technique.

The Ichino Technique ensures that students who aspire to become professional dancers have the solid foundation required to build a long and rewarding career.

‘We are committed to nurturing the physical and emotional wellbeing of each student in an atmosphere that centres on individual learning and professionalism. It is of optimum importance that young dancers become the best possible dancers they can be and leave us as healthy, grounded and well-rounded individuals.’

Yoko Ichino

‘I think the best thing about the training is that we are taught not only the technique and movement but we are also taught the science behind it. I find this really helpful as it gives me an understanding of why things are done a certain way and I can visualise the body whilst doing the movement.’

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