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Registration is now open for the 2024/25 academic year.

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Our classes for young people are accompanied by live music and develop each dancer’s technical ability whilst enhancing their presentation skills and musicality.

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Timetable for Young People
Day Class Time Ages
Tue Ballet 3/4** 5.00 – 6.30pm Ages 13 – 16
Tue Ballet 3/4 Pointe 6.30 – 6.55pm Ages 13 – 16
Thu Ballet 3* 5.15 – 6.45pm Ages 12 – 16
Thu Ballet 3 pointe prep 6.45 - 7.00pm Ages 12-16
Sat Ballet 1 9.05 – 10.05am Ages 8 – 10
Sat Ballet 1 10.10– 11.10am Ages 8 – 10
Sat Ballet 2 12.05 - 1.20pm Ages 10 – 12

*If Ballet 3 students age 13+ would like to attend a second class, students are welcome to attend our Ballet 3/4 class as an addition to their Ballet 3 class and should select this class when registering. The Ballet 3/4 class will be set at a more advanced level than our Ballet 3 class so attending this class as an addition to your training will be on agreement by Academy staff and confirmation will be sent alongside your confirmation of place details.

Ballet 3 students who are age 12, Please tick the 2nd class tick box on the registration form for further information.

**Our Ballet 3/4 students are welcome to also attend Ballet 3 class on Thursday evening as a second class if they wish to supplement their training. The Ballet 3/4 class will be set at a more advanced level than our Ballet 3 class but both classes will be beneficial to our Ballet 3/4 students for those keen to up their training.


Ages 8 – 16

Tailored classes designed to take young dancers from their earliest steps to an advanced level of study.

  • Ballet 1 (age 8+) No experience required
  • Ballet 2, 3 & 3/4 (age 10+) Experience required


  • Ballet 1: £100 per term
  • Ballet 2: £105 per term  
  • Ballet 3: £115 per term
  • Ballet 3/4: £115 per term

Pointe Work

We offer specialised pointe work classes for suitable students in Ballet 3 and Ballet 3/4. All students in the Ballet 3 and 3/4 classes are welcome to attend as the pointe prep and pointe classes are a continuation after the ballet class. Students will begin the pointe classes in flat shoes and the teacher will recommend when each student is ready for pointe shoes on an individual basis.

Pointe classes are subject to an additional fee of £25 per term for Ballet 3 pointe prep and £37.50 per term for ballet 3/4 pointe.


For all classes and courses participants must pay a yearly £5 registration fee.

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