Centre for Advanced Training

What is the Centre for Advanced Training?

“Centres for Advanced Training (CAT) in dance help identify, and assist, young people with exceptional potential, regardless of their personal circumstances, to benefit from world-class specialist training as part of a broad and balanced education. This will enable them, if they choose to proceed towards self-sustaining careers in dance”

The Academy of Northern Ballet is the only CAT that specialises in classical ballet in the UK. As a professional ballet company with a wealth of experience in training and nurturing dancers, we are perfectly placed to set aspiring young dancers on the path to achieving rewarding careers in dance.

What is different about CAT?

The Academy is one of the few classical training institutions in the UK to train in the same inspirational setting as professional company dancers.  This creates opportunities for mentoring and unique possibilities to work with, train alongside and gain invaluable insight from successful professional dancers.

Students train in world-class facilities under the expert guidance of an exceptional teaching faculty, led by internationally recognised Ballet Mistress and former prima ballerina of her generation, Yoko Ichino. Many of the teachers have also been professional dancers themselves and can relate to the students from years of professional experience.

Is it right for me?

We believe full-time dance training away from home is not the best option for every child and that some students excel further if they can remain at home for longer. Our students can live at home and attend their regular academic schools, whilst still training to the highest possible standards, mirroring the quality of training on offer at full-time vocational schools.

We are incredibly proud of our 100% success rate with graduate students who have gone on to pursue their dreams of becoming professional dancers.

Your future starts here

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‘As my journey as a professional dancer with The Royal Ballet begins I can reflect on what I thought was only ever a dream as I was growing up and training. My journey to this point would never have been possible without the intense but enjoyable training I received as part of the CAT programme.’

Charlotte Tonkinson, Aud Jebson Young Dancer, The Royal Ballet
Mon 25 Nov 2019
Mon 11 Nov 2019
Mon 8 Jul 2019
The CAT programme has been an amazing experience for me, to have such intensive training without moving away to ballet school…