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Centre for Advanced Training

Centre for Advanced Training (CAT)

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The Professional Division is for students aged between 10 and 17 years old and provides intensive, non residential training to students who show exceptional potential in classical ballet.

100% of our students who have wished to continue their training post 17-years-old have gained entry into the top vocational dance schools both in the UK and abroad.

Course content

As a professional Ballet Company we are perfectly placed to set students on pathways to rewarding, self-sustaining careers in dance. The Professional Training programme aims to create dancers for the modern dance world and the curriculum has been specially designed to incorporate a number of subjects to enhance the student’s ballet training.

At Northern Ballet we believe that full time dance training is not what is best for every child as some students excel further if they are allowed to stay at home for longer. The CAT programme offers an alternative to full time dance training. Students live at home and still attend their regular academic schools but they train with Northern Ballet during the evenings and weekends. For many children this is a perfect balance as it allows them to keep up their strong academics whilst pursuing their love of dance.

Photo Martin Bell

The training is individually specified through bespoke training plans helping pupils take ownership of their own learning and realise their personal potential and creativity.

Experts from the professional dance industry nurture and encourage CAT students through a broad range of dance activities; designed to maximise their learning and enable them to excel technically and artistically.

Regular one-on-one tutorials and mentoring offer valuable careers advice and help equip students with the skills to successfully audition for elite vocational dance schools at 16 or 17 years.

Northern Ballet Premier Dancer Tobias Batley mentoring and providing support for CAT students as a Big Brother. Photo Justin Slee.

Foundation year 1

Approximately 10 hours training a week focusing on

  • Usage and understanding of proper natural posture and body alignment
  • Body conditioning to strengthen and re-balance any muscular imbalances
  • Presentation/joy of movement
  • Creativity
  • Introduction to pointe work

Additional sessions could include jazz, music & drama and basic anatomy, nutrition & dance history

Foundation year 2

Approximately 10 hours training a week focusing on

  • Continuation of level 1 ballet training increasing difficulty in exercises
  • Muscle memory and strength building
  • Pointe work (for girls)

Additional sessions could include introduction to contemporary dance, music & drama classes and continuation of studies in anatomy, nutrition and dance history.

Level 3

Between 10-14 hours training a week focusing on

  • Increasing the hours and intensity of classical training
  • Building technical and physical strength and stamina
  • Increasing vocabulary

Additional sessions could include music & drama classes, weekly contemporary class, weekly Pilates Reformer classes, RAD Inter Foundation, studies in choreography and dance companies.

Level 4-5/6

Between 10-18 hours a week (depending on age, level and academic year) focusing on

  • More challenging material
  • Repertoire and supported adage classes- once the individuals are strong enough
  • Career advice and mental preparation and support for the career

Additional sessions could include weekly contemporary class, weekly Pilates Reformer classes, RAD Intermediate, separate male and female classes.

Example timetable

  • Weekdays 16.50-19.30
  • Saturday 10.30-18.00

Application Process

Entrance is via audition.

Application & audition information

Request more information: contact the Academy on or call 0113 220 8000