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Dancers leaping in unison

Our dancers: Latest news

As the season comes to a close and the dancers jet off on their much earned summer break, we're pleased to announce the following promotions:

Joseph Taylor will be promoted to Premier Dancer, Jonathan Hanks, Saeka Shirai and Dominique Larose to Leading Soloist and Alessandra Bramante and Harris Beattie to Coryphée.

In other exciting news Aaron Kok will join the Company as a Dancer, Mayuko Iwanaga and Yu Wakizuka as Apprentices and Itsuki Amemiya also as an Apprentice until December

Two dancer striking similar poses, both on one leg, the male to the left has a leg perpendicular to his body in from of him, and the female to the right is perfectly arabesque
A male and female dancer both performing grand jetés joyously while wearing while clothes against a blue background
A dancer supports another as she extends one of her legs behind her while reaching to the floor
Two dancers hold hand while each are on one foot, the other raised to shoulder level while smiling
A production photo from The Great Gatsby of the character Jordan a suit of cream satin and wearing a headband, standing en pointe and arabesque
Dancer wearing a white dress stands in a snowy scene supported by a soldier in full dress uniform

Some of our much-loved dancers have moved onto new ventures, we wish them the best of luck for the future. Mackenzie Jacob now dances for Scottish Ballet, Katharine Lee for San Francisco Ballet and Sean Bates for Zurich Ballet. Gavin McCaig has retired from performing and joins the Young Dancers Academy in London as Director of Business Operations, and Wesley Branch has also left the company.

Two dancers sat on the floor, a Pride flag behind them, smiling directly at the camera
Against an icy blue background, a male dancer stands arabesque holding a silver shoe in front of himself
Dancer dressed in a long coat holding a soldier-shaped nutcracker doll in front of him
Dancer turned choreographer gives instructions
Dancer in a fox costume stood on one leg

Photos by Emily Nuttall, Johan Persson, Emma Kauldhar, Bill Cooper and Kyle Baines