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Philip Feeney

Philip Feeney

Philip Feeney studied composition with Robin Holloway and Hugh Wood at Cambridge University and with Franco Donatoni in Rome. He has written extensively for ballet and dance, and is well known as a pianist, working with many companies, including Northern Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Rambert Dance Company, Carlos Acosta, Adventures in Motion Pictures and the Martha Graham Company.

As a composer he has collaborated with many different choreographers including Christopher Gable, David Nixon, Michael Pink, Didy Veldman, Michael Keegan-Dolan, Derek Williams, Adam Cooper, Sara Matthews, and hip-hop artist, Jonzi D. His work has been performed by companies as diverse as English National Ballet, Boston Ballet, Rambert Dance Company, Cullberg Ballet, Scottish Dance Theatre, Bern Ballet, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet and Fabulous Beast, including the critically acclaimed Giselle (2003) and the award-winning The Bull (2005).

His connection with Northern Ballet stretches back over twenty-five years, and he has written five full-length scores for the company; Cinderella (Gable - 1993), Dracula (Gable/Pink1996) and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Gable/Pink1998). In 2001, he collaborated with choreographer Didy Veldman on A Streetcar Named Desire, and his most recent work for Northern Ballet was Hamlet (Nixon) in 2008. Cinderella (2013) is Feeney’s third collaboration with artistic director and choreographer, David Nixon.

He renewed a longstanding collaboration with designer Lez Brotherston in dancer/choreographer Adam Cooper’s Les Liaisons Dangereueses, which was premiered in Tokyo in 2005. Moreover he has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with choreographer Michael Pink, currently artistic director of Milwaukee Ballet, which began at Northern Ballet Theatre in 1987 with Memoire Imaginaire, and it was for Pink that Feeney wrote the score for Peter Pan in 2010. He is presently composing a new full-length ballet for Milwaukee, Mirror Mirror, to be premiered in May 2014.

Feeney is currently Musical Director of Ballet Central with whom he has worked from its inception, composing more than forty scores and playing live on their annual national tour.