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Northern Ballet dancer Riku Ito. Photo Justin Slee.

Riku Ito


Leading Soloist

Riku is from Yokohama, Japan and trained at Yumi Kitamori Ballet Studio and the School of the Hamburg Ballet. He joined Northern Ballet in 2014 and left in 2022.

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Where were you born and raised?

Yokohama, Japan.

At what age did you start dancing?

When I was 4 years old.

Where did you train?

Yumi Kitamori Ballet Studio and the School of the Hamburg Ballet.

Takeda leaps high while stretching his limbs backwards
Old Dracula wakes from his slumbers
Riku Ito holding Minju Kang, preventing her from falling
Northern Ballet dancer Riku Ito jumping impossibly high during the Charleston in The Great Gatsby. Photo Emma Kaudlahr.
Riku Ito jumps high in The Little Mermaid

Which Northern Ballet role would you most like to dance?

I would love to dance Romeo & Juliet and I Got Rhythm.

What do you like most about being a dancer?

Learning to express my feelings through dancing over my four years in Hamburg. My body and soul react to the music and I become emotional. If I am able to pass on a message to the audience; that most inspires me.

What is your favourite book?

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

How do you like to relax?

By lying on the beach, under the sun with a cold drink.

Riku is sponsored by Kyla & Andy Mullins.

Header photo taken by Justin Slee. Other photos taken by Guy Farrow and Emma Kauldhar.