Dracula, The Story



A man, Dracula, steps from a coffin. Naked we step into the world, naked we re-enter.


Jonathan Harker, a young English lawyer, boards a carriage for the final leg of a journey that has brought him far from home.

Arrival and Sojourn

Jonathan reads through his papers as Count Dracula watches. Jonathan is terrorised by the vampire, but is what happens reality, fantasy, or both?

The Plot Thickens

As Jonathan gazes at his beloved Mina's photograph, Count Dracula reaches into his mind and conjures a living image. He leaves, locking the door and Jonathan is alone until he is joined by the Brides of Dracula. The women are dispersed by an angry Dracula who claims Jonathan for his own.

Jonathan's seduction by Dracula's brides. Photo Merlin Hendy.

Jonathan watches Dracula depart for England as the real Mina and Lucy are seen in their English garden.


The young Lucy Westenra awaits her suitors. The intelligent but melancholic Dr. Jack Seward is rejected, whilst the confident and flamboyant Hon. Arthur Holmwood is accepted.

Fluttering Bats

Dracula, skittering among his fellow bats, arrives at Renfield’s cell.

The Sanatorium

Dr Seward and the wretched Renfield. Photo Merlin Hendy.

Dr. Seward to study his most peculiar patient, Renfield. Renfield, who hungers after bugs, spiders and all living things, grows more violent as he cannot get his way.


Whilst sleep-walking, Lucy Westenra is lured into a cemetery by Dracula. He feeds upon her blood. Once he has had his fill, he feeds Lucy his blood.


Hon. Arthur Holmwood and Lucy celebrate their engagement. Lucy arrives late on the arm of an unknown stranger. In defiance of social protocol, she displays her sensual enjoyment, drawing attention from the other guests. As the party ends, Lucy runs out in embarrassment.

One Dance

Dracula stops Mina from following Lucy. Time stands still. Dracula who should feed upon Mina cannot; Mina who should be repulsed by Dracula, is drawn toward him. Unbidden, the vision of Jonathan breaks in. Mina leaves after reading a message that Jonathan has returned.

Anger, Retribution

Dr. Van Helsing arrives to treat Lucy. Tortured by the grasp Mina has upon him, Dracula serves his retribution upon Lucy. Holmwood, Seward and Van Helsing arrive. They hope to save Lucy through blood transfusions but they are too late.



Final respects are paid to Lucy as she is interred in the Westenra family vault.


Friends and lovers grieve the loss of Lucy. Mina cannot escape her thoughts of Dracula.


Van Helsing leads the young men back to the vault. To their horror, the coffin is empty. Lucy returns as dawn approaches. Van Helsing arranges that Lucy be staked and beheaded.

Lucy rises from her grave. Photo Merlin Hendy.

The Hunt

The men return, with Mina, to the Sanatorium where she is to spend the night. Van Helsing hypnotises Renfield and learns of Dracula's hiding place. The men destroy Dracula's crates, bearing unhallowed earth. Dracula punishes Renfield and seeks out Mina for his revenge.


Alone in her room Mina realises she is helpless in her love for Dracula. Out of the night the exhausted and hunted Dracula arrives.

Dracula and Mina Murray. Photo Merlin Hendy.


The men return to discover Renfield dead and Mina in Dracula's arms. He flees into the night.

Paths to be Followed

Jonathan again finds his wife in one of her strange trances. She attempts to escape into the night but it stopped by Van Helsing, Holmwood, and Seward. Van Helsing leads all on his crusade to free Mina and the world from Dracula.