Relaxed Performance

Relaxed performance

A Relaxed Performance has slight adaptations to make it suitable for patrons with disabilities. It is aimed at anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed performance environment including people with an Autistic Spectrum Condition, Sensory or Communication Disorders, or a learning disability. There is a more relaxed attitude to noise (voluntary and involuntary) in the auditorium, in order to reduce anxiety and ensure a safe and enjoyable theatre visit.

Patrons with additional needs are welcome at any performance in the theatre, however, if you think you or your companions would enjoy a more relaxed environment, this Relaxed Performance offers specific support for you.


Durham Gala Theatre

Thu 25 Apr, 4.00pm

Box office: 0300 026 6600

Bridlington Spa

Tue 14 May, 5.00pm

Box office: 01262 678258

Cambridge Corn Exchange

Fri 17 May, 2.00pm

Box office: 01223 357851

Derby Theatre

Tue 28 May, 2.00pm

Box office: 01332 593939

Harrogate Theatre

Fri 31 May, 2.00pm

Box office: 01423 502 116

Mansfield Palace Theatre

Tue 4 Jun, 4.30pm

Box office: 01623 633133