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A single foot stands en pointe on a white studio floor.

Studio Floor Fund

Our specialist dance studios provide a safe footing for world-class ballet rehearsals, elite training and open dance classes for all. Our studios are where the magic happens.

Each of our studios has a special hard-wearing floor with a soft, slip-resistant surface to minimise injury and offer protection to our dancers. Throughout the pandemic, we have worked hard to protect every dancer using our studios, but the enhanced cleaning measures that have helped us do this have left our specialist floors in need of replacing, much earlier than planned.

We now urgently need your help to raise over £120,000 to replace the floors. A donation of £100 could fund 1m2 of flooring to help our dancers continue to train and rehearse.

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Help keep our dancers on their toes as we bring our ballets to life.

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We have a limited number of opportunities to sponsor and rename an entire studio. To find out more, please contact Jennifer Young, Director of Development (

Donations update

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Studio Floor Fund to date. Thanks to your generous donations, we have been able to replace the flooring in the first few studios!

Watch the resurfacing process of our studio theatre in action.

With a number of our studios still in need of new flooring, there's still time to donate and help provide a safe place for the Company to train and rehearse!


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A year in the Northern Ballet studios:

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has funded 1m2 of flooring by donating £100 or more.

Bronwen Andrews

Audrey and Stanley Burton Charitable Trust

Jeremy and Martine Burton

Peter Claydon

Susan Dalgetty Ezra

Maura Ellis

Kathleen Ann Hallam

Susan Heap

Jacquie Howard

Olivia and Eleni Metcalf

Matt and Marie-Louise Milbourn

Sarah and Bruce Noble

Nick Lyle and Nellie Nelson

Alexandra Perricone Brewer

24,000 users
2,600 hours of Company training and rehearsals
75 performances in our studio theatre
1,400 Academy classes
192 hours of inclusive workshops and classes specially designed for disabled people
Dancers rehearsing for their roles in Casanova
Male and female dancer rehearsing their roles in Merlin expressing love for each other
Dancers over 55 practicing at the barre