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A woman and a man lay on a bed, the woman stares into a camera

Behind-the-scenes | Spring 2021 Digital Season

See behind the scenes at the making of our three newest short films Northern Lights, Have Your Cake and What Used To, No Longer Is.
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Antoinette Brooks-Daw and Kevin Poeung.

EGO: Making of

Unravel EGO in this behind-the-scenes documentary of the award-winning dance film.
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Lesley Downer

The Making of Geisha with Lesley Downer

Discover more about the world of geisha, with historical consultant Lesley Downer as she explains the history behind the legend of Okichi.
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Kenneth Tindall creating Geisha in the studio, with Christelle Horner

The Making of Geisha with Kenneth Tindall

Find out how Kenneth Tindall has reimagined her story in this brand new ballet, with music by Alexandra Harwood.
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Alexandra Harwood conducting in rehearsals

The Making of Geisha with Alexandra Harwood

Alexendra Harwood, the composer, tells us about her process, infulences, challenges and we get to hear a little of this brand-new composition performed by live musicians.
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Northern Ballet dancers in Concerto

Be part of our Story

We believe in the power to enrich people's lives through dance.
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