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male dancer on dark trousers and a tight blue top bends backwards, nearly on the ground but still balanced despite being bent double backwards.
Phoenix Dance Theatre


Across all of our provisions, we strive to challenge the stigma and preconceptions around gender in dance. Phoenix Dance Theatre is incredibly excited to announce the return of our annual platform NO LIMIT, produced to celebrate the distinctive energy and dynamism that boys bring to the stage.

Following an afternoon of workshops for the performers and rehearsals, the event will end with a theatre performance to a live audience; the diverse programme is made up of a broad-spectrum of performances by boys and male-identifying dancers from community and school cohorts through to Phoenix Dance Theatre professional company dancers.

NO LIMIT highlights the inspirational nature of male dance and showcases the opportunities available for young male dancers locally, nationally and beyond.

Black and white photo featuring five men, each is supporting another whether by holding their outstretched are, laying on their back and holding them up with their legs, or by leaning on one another.

Running time 45 minutes (approximately)

Header image by Scott M Salt. Other image featuring Phoenix founders and early company dancers in Midnight Movers (1983), photo by Terry Cryer.

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