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Cas Public celebrates 30 years of creation with The Monsters.

Performed in semidarkness, the monsters that inhabit our childhood imagination emerge, the most disturbing of which continue to haunt us as we age.  

Intricate lighting works with the dancer’s bodies, allowing them to bring light out of darkness. Immersed in the atmospheric music of Montreal trio Dear Criminals, The Monsters twists the known into the unknown so that the familiar becomes strange and the disturbing once again becomes comforting.  

Unexpected and surprising elements come alive in this compelling piece which will deceive your sense of perception, as you are emerged in Cas Public’s unique world. 


Running time: 55 minutes with no interval (approximately)

Choreography and Artistic Direction
  • Hélène Blackburn
  • Dear Criminals
Lighting Design
  • Lucie Bazzo in collaboration with Hélène Blackburn and Étienne Fournier
  • Hélène Blackburn
  • Lucie Bazzo
Costume Designer
  • Michael Slack
  • Marjolaine Leray
Technical Direction & Sound
  • Emmanuel Landry
  • Alex Paillon

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