Gavin McCaig

Gavin McCaig

Gavin is from Motherwell and moved to Glasgow at the age of 12 to take up a vocational place at The Dance School of Scotland. Four years later he received a scholarship to study at English National Ballet School, also working part-time with the Dance School at the Royal Academy of Dance. During his graduate year Gavin undertook a placement with Scottish Ballet performing Christopher Hampson's Hansel & Gretel. Gavin joined Northern Ballet in 2014.

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Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Motherwell, a small town near Glasgow.

At what age did you start dancing?

I was seven when I started dancing.

Where did you train?

I started jazz, hip-hop and tap at the Marie Frame School of Dance in New Stevenson where I was encouraged to audition for The Dance School of Scotland in Glasgow. I was awarded a place and spent four years there before I moved to London to attend English National Ballet School.

Which Northern Ballet roles would you most like to dance?

I’d love to dance the role of Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, the end solo (set to Sir Richard Rodney Bennett’s I Never Went Away) really moved me! I’d also like to perform anything from I Got Rhythm, although I have never seen the production ‘ballet meets jazz’ sounds like my cup of tea!

Career highlights

Performing with Scottish Ballet for part of their Hansel & Gretel season (Hampson, 2013), performing Acolytes in Jean-Christophe-Maillot's Romeo and Juliet and performing as Rev. St John alongside Abigail Prudames as Jane in Cathy Marston's Jane Eyre.

What do you like most about being a dancer?

Seeing progression within yourself. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing yourself manage feats that you weren’t able to complete a few months ago. It’s a magic feeling!

If you could adapt one work into a ballet what would it be?

Ghost (1990).

What is your favourite book?

Can I have three!? The Hunger Games Trilogy is incredible! I never knew the true meaning of being on the edge of your seat until I read these!

What is your favourite post-show meal?

A good old-fashioned steak with rocket and potatoes.

How do you like to relax?

I like to have a bath most evenings with plenty of candles and some music! Or just getting cosy and watching a movie.

If you weren’t a dancer what would you be?

I would hope to be on the artistic or management team in a big dance company or school. Otherwise I’d work for Apple designing awesome new products as I’m a big tech geek!

Gavin is sponsored by The Sterry Family Foundation.