Cinderella characters

The principal characters you'll encounter while watching Cinderella.


A lonely young woman who is forced to become a servant for her Stepmother after her Father’s untimely death. She longs to be accepted for who she really is.

Count Serbrenska

Cinderella’s Father, a loving parent who dies tragically at a picnic in the countryside of Moscow.

The Stepmother

Cinderella’s Stepmother who, overcome with sadness and grief, blames Cinderella for the Count’s death and forces her to become her servant.

Natasha and Sophia

Cinderella’s Stepsisters. They are jealous of the attention Cinderella receives and, under their mother’s orders, are not allowed to have anything to do with Cinderella.

Prince and Princess Mulakov

Parents to Prince Mikhail and good friends of Count Serbrenska, they were at the picnic on the terrible day of the Count’s death. They host the ball where the Prince first asks Cinderella to dance.

Prince Mikhail

The Prince who falls in love with Cinderella at the winter ball and, with only her crystal slipper as a clue, searches high and low for the mysterious girl for whom the shoe will fit.


Prince Mikhail’s best friend who tries to stop Cinderella’s Stepmother interfering at the ball and helps the Prince in his search to find Cinderella after she leaves behind her crystal slipper.

The Magician

Moved by Cinderella’s kindness, the Magician insists Cinderella will go to the ball and uses his amazing magic to conjure a beautiful sleigh which transports Cinderella,  under a starlit sky, to the winter ball.