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Dancers posing for a poster image dressed in their costumes of grey T-shirts jazzed-up with feather boas, wings, colourful waistcoats, hats and more

Every Little Thing is a Change

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In a Company first, Northern Ballet dancers and dancers from our Ability course for adults with additional learning support needs join forces in a pioneering dance film created by renowned Director and Choreographer Ben Wright.

Developed over a series of workshops at Northern Ballet studios, dancers from Ability, our weekly dance course for adults with additional learning support needs and Northern Ballet Company dancers, joined forces to create a truly unique experience. A joyful celebration of connection, dance and movement Every Little Thing is a Change explores how a touch, a look or a feeling can transport us into another world.

Every Little Thing is a Change premièred at Expressions, our inclusive dance festival, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

"I am extremely proud to have been invited to make this short work with Northern Ballet, a company who are clearly centralising a rationale to make art to further equality, representation, and diversity as a primary objective. That is no mean feat, particularly for a ballet company. Ability and their team of astonishing support workers contributed constantly to the makeup of the project, and nothing is more gratifying for a director than to say ‘yes let’s do that'. I believe we built a cohesive team which saw Northern Ballet artists flying in the same universe as the Ability dancers and vice versa. I am extremely excited to share the finished film with the world."

Ben Wright
Director and Choreographer of Every Little Thing is a Change

Performers prepare for more filming, all stood in a row against a black background.
Dancer wearing red wing and green make-up on his face, hold a piece of paper in front of him. Other performers are in the background doing the same.
George smile as he gets ready in the make-up chair
Federico Bonelli explains to an eagerly listening performer exactly what she needs to do in the piece.
PHotograph taken through a mirror showing a smiling performer have her make-up applied.
Performer laying on the black floor surrounded by discarded papers
PErformer in a red top hat moving across a dark stage covered in snow
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Photos by Lydia Hutton.