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Everyone gathers in happy celebration as the elves hard work does not go unnoticed

Elves & the Shoemaker Characters

Despite being out of furs and leather the evening before, Bertie discovers a new pair of shoes in his workshop the next morning


A poor, hard-working and kind-hearted shoemaker. He struggles to make ends meet until one night he is visited by two mysterious helpers who leave behind some magical shoes.
Bettina makes tea


The shoemaker’s wife. She is kind, loving and house proud, and is equally excited by the arrival of the magical shoes.
Tap and Stitch, the coolest elves you ever did see

Tap and Stitch

Two cheeky Elves who live in the nearby woods and are full of joy. The Elves want to help Bertie and Bettina and visit the couple at night while they are asleep to make magical dancing shoes.
Maggie is delighted with her new shoes


A poor, beggar woman who visits Bertie and Bettina one night. She is shivering from the cold, with no shoes and feeling very hungry.
With delightful new shoes, Joseph and Frances dance thankful for the amazing work

Joseph and Frances

A couple who see William’s special clogs at the market and are desperate to find out where they can buy their own pair of beautiful shoes. They are the second customers to visit Bertie’s shop and perform a waltz when they try on the shoes.
Prince Edward and Princess Pearl dance beautifully in their new shoes

Princess Pearl and Prince Edward

A royal couple who make a special visit to Bertie and Bettina to buy a pair of the magical shoes. This time the elves have made beautiful ballet shoes and the royal couple dance together.

Photos taken by Brian Slater.