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Rise is an education project focusing on health and wellbeing in schools.

The project is currently in its two-year pilot phase, across five schools in West Yorkshire. During this time we will explore, test and perfect a delivery model which will then be available to more schools in the region. 

Through Rise, Key Stage 2 pupils will take part in weekly dance classes as part of their core curriculum, using ballet and creative movement to explore their health and wellbeing. They will also study a Northern Ballet production, working with a live pianist to enhance the experience. The culmination of each year will be a trip to Leeds Grand Theatre to watch a Northern Ballet production. 

We are delighted to be working with Dr Louise McDowall (Research Fellow in Exercise and Health Psychology) and Dr Shaunna Burke (Associate Professor in Exercise and Health Psychology) from the University of Leeds to examine the benefits to pupils’ resilience, body confidence, communication and self-expression skills.