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The tragic love of La Traviata in the publicity poster from 2005

La Traviata

Northern Ballet transports you to the decadent society of Parisian highlife in the 1800s where the young and naive nobleman, Armand, falls deeply in love with the beautiful courtesan, Marguerite. Their courtship turns into one of the most passionate love stories of all time but is doomed from the start as the consequences of Marguerite's past life eventually destroy the only real love that she will ever know.

The story, first told in Alexandre Dumas fils' novel The Lady of the Camellias was immortalised in Verdi's opera La Traviata, and continues to inspire every generation, from the 1930s film Camille starring Greta Garbo to Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge with Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor as the doomed lovers.

South African choreographer, Veronica Paeper, re-stages her elegant and touching interpretation of La Traviata for UK audiences. She is well known for her beautiful, fluid choreography and craftsmanship as a storyteller, which come together in this production to create a memorable evening of sensational dance.

Original Production Designer, Peter Cazalet, has been invited to re-create his stunning sets and costumes and the Northern Ballet Sinfonia will play Verdi's wonderfully moving score completing this heartrending portrayal of intimate family tensions and the devastating pain of love.

Running time 2 hours 15 minutes (approximately)

Creative Team

  • Veronica Paeper
  • Giuseppe Verdi
Music arrangement
  • Allan Stephenson
Production design
  • Peter Cazalet
Lighting design
  • John T Baker