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Discover how the world’s most famous sorcerer mastered his magic to unite a warring kingdom.

Inspired by the story of the mythical wizard, Northern Ballet’s Merlin will take you on a sweeping epic adventure of heartbreak, hope and more than a little magic.

Choreographed by Olivier Award-winning Drew McOnie (Broadway’s King Kong and Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom), expect an enchanting spectacle.

Don’t miss the legend reawakened through Northern Ballet’s blend of classical ballet and unrivalled storytelling.

Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes (including interval)

This production contains short periods of flashing and strobe lighting effects.

A dancer leaping in the air with a sword in his hands.
A group of dancers on stage. One is wearing wings and looking up into the sky.
Two dancers on stage, one is holding a dragon puppet.
A group of dancers on stage. Two dancers run between two lines of dancers who throw confetti over them in a wedding scene.
A dancer holding herself atop a rusted bath on stage.
A dancer holding a dragon puppet on stage.
A dancer performing on stage. She is holding a spear with her foot pointed. Behind her is a large golden set, a throne with a king upon it and a battle flag.
Three dancers perform in front of a large lit tree. Two dance around the other stood in the centre, holding their hands.
Two dancers perform in Merlin. A man wearing a crown holds a woman high above him, her arms are reaching in a V shape.
The Stage
"an epic piece of storytelling which glows, pulsates and frequently explodes with energy"
Reviews Gate
"a breath taking, dramatic and enchanting interpretation of the ancient tale"
East Midlands Theatre
"a stunning visual spectacle for young and old alike"
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Creative Team

Choreography & Direction
Set & Costume Design
Lighting Design
Design & Direction of Puppetry
Costume Design Assistant

Photos Guy Farrow, Emma Kauldhar, Riku Ito and Emily Nuttall

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