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The Gods 

The Lady of the Lake & Helios the Sun God 

Merlin’s birth parents. They sit above the human world, just out of reach in Merlin’s imagination and offering a helping hand where needed to ensure peace is found.  

The Solar Kingdom 


Adopted by the Blacksmith, Merlin struggles with his identity and wrestles with having to keep his magic hidden. When faced with difficult choices, and despite being in love with Morgan, Merlin is determined to do the right thing and unite two warring kingdoms.  

The Blacksmith 

Hard-working and independent, the Blacksmith sometimes struggles to understand Merlin’s magic, believing that hiding this difference will keep him safe.  


A senior general in the Solar Kingdom’s army, Morgan is ambitious and has her heart set on Uther. Disappointment and a lust for power lead her to a dramatic transformation.  


Prince of the Solar Kingdom, Uther hides his sadness behind arrogance. He is deeply unhappy and longs to flee the kingdom with the woman he loves, Ygraine. 


The King of the Solar Kingdom, he is a looming presence of evil and one of the major forces keeping the kingdoms at war. 

The Dragon 

Every hero needs a trusty side-kick to come to the rescue, and Merlin has that very friend in the Dragon. A young creature, without known parents, whose fiery temperament and mistrust perhaps reminds us of our hero’s spirit. 

The Kingdom of Tides 


Free-spirited and strong-willed, Ygraine wants nothing more than to see the two kingdoms unite so she can rule in love and fairness with Uther.