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Production Photos

A dancer leaping in the air with a sword in his hands.
Morgan extend her wings with the power she has stolen from Merlin, lying prone at her feet
Merlin reaching high for Excalibur
Rachael GIllespie, Lorenzo Trossello, Antoinette Brooks-Daw and Kevin Poeung in Merlin. Photo Caroline Holden
A woman lithely holding herself up from a copper bath
The Blacksmith shows the powerful Morgan her quality pike
The Dragon, eyes glowing and smoke pouring from its mouth
Merlin dressed for the royal court leaps on instruction
Merlin dances with Helios and The Lady of the Lake joyously
King Vortigern holds his Champion, Morgan, as she poses arabesque
A male dancer hold a female dancer high above his head
Uther and Ygraine dance through confetti at their wedding
The Dragon holds its face against Merlin's in a gesture of trust

Rehearsal Images

A male dancer jump with both legs extended in a mid-air split while reaching for the camara
A female dancer is in full arabesque with her leg hyper extended while she holds on to another dancer who is on his toes
A male dancer holds a female dancer high above his head
A male dancer leaps through the air in a full jete while a female dancer reaches up to him while sat on the floor
A male dancer stands on his toes while a female dancer is landing a full jete while holding his shoulder
A dancer rests his forehead against a dragon puppet's forehead, the dragon puppet controlled by a second dancer
A female dancer standing on one leg with the other outstretched while her torso is leaning back.
A male dancer holding the hand of a female dancer who has a leg kicked high
A male dancer lifting a female dancer high above his head

Rehearsal Images

Rachael Gillespie being held high by Northern Ballet dancers as part of Merlin rehearsals.
Lorenzo Trossello holding Rachael Gillespie aloft a part of Merlin rehearsals.
Minju Kang buoying up Kev Poeung's mood
Kevin Poeung holding a sword aloft... Excalibur?
Ashley Dixon and Kevin Poeung rehearsing a moment of solace during Merlin.
Antoinette Brooks-Daw looking imperious during Merlin rehearsals
Antoinette Brooks-Daw and Lorenzo Trossello rehearsing for Merlin with pikes.


A throne and an arch under construction
A selection of golden costumes from Merlin on the rack
A selection of costumes from Merlin on the rack
A selection of costumes from Merlin on the rack
Three wigs and hair extension from Merlin on display on mannequin heads in Wardrobe
A black and a brown pair of hair extensions, and a lilac coloured wig.

Publicity Images

The king and queen rising above the magic of Merlin.
Rachael Gillespie as Morgana rising out of the magic.
Dancer leaps holding light in his hands.

Production photo by Emma Kauldhar and Caroline Holden, behind-the-scenes photos by Amy Kelly, rehearsal photos by Emily Nuttall and Riku Ito, publicity photos by Guy Farrow.