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Choreography & Direction
Set & Costume Design
Lighting Design
Design & Direction of Puppetry
Costume Design Assistant

Merlin is performed to live music, played by Northern Ballet Sinfonia. Music Director Jonathan Lo.


Production Manager
  • Steve Wilkins
Company Manager
  • Emily Deller
Production Stage Manager
  • Lyndsey Holmes
Production Deputy Stage Manager
  • Chun-Yen Chia
Production Head of Lighting
CAD Draughting
Set built by
  • Griz Pedley
  • Pradeep Dash
  • Abe Ahmed
  • John Hornsby
  • David Ramsey
  • Brendon Coker
Aluminium Fabrication
Scenic Artists
  • Ali Allen
  • Rory Davis
  • Scott Thompson
Scenic Drapes
  • Nicky Hudswell for the Drapemakers, the Drape Specialists
Automation by
  • Wahlberg Motion Design
Specialist LED effects
Created by
  • Alastair West
  • Abbi Fearnley
  • Sam Day
  • Yemi George
  • Hollie Bryan
  • Chris Alexander
  • Richard Godfrey for Tink Lite
Lighting Programmer
  • Abbi Fearnley
Production Electricians
  • Chris Beardmore
  • Sam Day
Props created by
  • Ali Allen
  • Scott Thompson
  • Alastair West
  • Lyndsey Holmes
  • Sandrine Carlson
  • Abbi Fearnley
  • Sam Day
  • Naomi Parker
  • Sid Taylor
3D Printing created by
Sound System Engineer
  • Kevin Heap
Sound Operator
  • Euan Maybank
Rigging equipment by
Production Logistics


Wardrobe Supervisors
Assisted by
  • Mikhaila Pye
  • Carley Marsh
  • Becky Smith
Costumes Cut & Made by
Assisted by
  • Carley Marsh
Wardrobe Costume Makers
  • Donna Hardcastle
  • Becky Smith
  • Sarah Hartley
  • Jasmine Adams
  • Sophie Adams
  • Megan Griffiths
  • Sarah Anderson
  • Ellie Kemp
  • Holly Prescott
  • Laura Leathley
  • Jennifer Levet
  • Paula Grosvener
  • Sigrid Mularczyk
  • Lucy Howson
  • Beth Pirie
  • Amy Packard
  • Sam Grey
Embroidery by
  • Vicky Richards (Flying Pig Embroidery)
Dyeing by
  • Kim Brassley
Breaking down by
  • Mikhaila Pye
Hair, Make Up & Wigs Supervisor
  • Harriet Rogers
Headdress & Crowns by
  • Linda Rowland
Merlin belts made by
  • Dancer Sarah Chun (Macramé by Sarah)
Helios Boots by
  • Lewis Jones
Pointe Shoes by
With thanks to
The Merlin costume is generously supported by Neil Eckersley.