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Wolf disguises himself as Little Red's grandmother in an attempt to get some food

Little Red Riding Hood Story

Once upon a time, a little girl is having a tea party with her mother, father and grandmother. Grandmother gives her a new red hood, and she puts it on dancing around the room. She will call herself Little Red Riding Hood from now on! Grandmother starts to feel ill, so Mother takes her home and Little Red decides to bake a cake to help her feel better.

In the nearby forest a wolf is taking a walk, admiring all the beautiful flowers. A bear is selling honey jars to a fox and badger as he passes. Wolf is delighted as he is very hungry, but the other animals are frightened and run away. Wolf feels very sad, as he meant them no harm and just wanted to buy some honey.

Wolf is terribly hungry

Little Red sets off to Grandmother’s house with the cake and a tin of biscuits. Wolf smells the treats and offers to buy the food, but Little Red tells him they are for her sick grandmother. Thinking he could sneak into the grandmother’s house to look for food, Wolf suggests Little Red pick some of the flowers, and whilst she is distracted, he hurries off.

In her house in the forest, Grandmother is ill in bed. When the doorbell rings she opens the door but no one is there. She decides to go and have a hot bath. Meanwhile, Wolf has slipped inside the house and hides under the bed. Grandmother takes off her nightcap and pyjamas, places them on the bed, then heads into the bathroom.

Little Red's Grandmother feels so much better

Wolf searches for food, but Little Red arrives so he puts on Grandmother’s pyjamas and hat as a disguise. Little Red gives him the basket of goodies, and the starving wolf devours them in one go. Little Red is surprised by this lack of manners and takes a closer look. Grandmother looks strange indeed, with very big eyes, ears and teeth! Little Red pulls off the hat and realises it’s the wolf! He explains everything to her, and she goes to fetch Grandmother.

Wolf is very sorry for his behaviour. He only ate the treats because he had not been able to get any food all day, as everyone fears him and runs away at first sight. Little Red feels sorry for Wolf and decides to help him.

Little Red hugs Wolf and Bear after BEar agrees to sell Wolf some of his honey

They return to the forest and find Bear hiding behind the honey cart. Little Red explains there is no reason to be scared and takes him to meet Wolf, who is playing with some flowers. Understanding at last, Bear apologises and offers him free honey. Wolf thanks Bear, and thanks Little Red for everything that she has done for him, and the three of them dance together!

Sometime later Little Red is having another tea party, only this time she has invited her new friends, Wolf and Bear! The house is filled with love and laughter, and Little Red feels very grateful that she is surrounded by such a special family. Everyone stands up and joins together in a dance.

Everyone dances happily outside Little Red's home

Photos Brian Slater and Drew Forsyth.