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Three men wearing black masks and red sashes jump straight up, their feet together, and their hands above their heads

Dancers Update 2024

The end of a season often means saying goodbye to some much-loved dancers and welcoming new faces to the ranks of the Company.

Joining us this year as Dancers are Nida Aydinoğlu, Noah Benzie-Drayton and Miguel Teixeira.

From within the Company Coryphées Harris Beattie and Alessandra Bramante are promoted to Junior Soloists. Apprentice Dancers Mayuko Iwanaga and Yu Wakizuka are promoted to Dancers.

Woman in a pink tutu standing en pointe on one foot and her other leg is raised above her head
Three dancers in bunny costumes. Looks of excitement and joy
Black and white photo of two people close to fighting, one has a fist raised and is shouting at the other while they are standing implacably before them

At our London performances this spring we celebrated Abigail Prudames' illustrious Northern Ballet career as she retired from performing with the Company. Also moving on from Northern Ballet are Aaron Kok and Aurora Piccininni.

On the ballet staff Ashley Dixon, former dancer turned Assistant Rehearsal Director has taken on a new role at Scottish Ballet. We welcome Luke Ahmet to the role of Assistant Rehearsal Director at the end of the summer break.

Dancer in a 1920s style silk white dress walks imperiously across a stage with lights glowing yellow behind her
Dancer joyously leaps high above the stage while others look on in wonderment
Little Red's mother dances happily
The Beast leaps high across the stage

Photos from various production and rehearsals taken by Emily Nuttall, Tristram Kenton, Drew Forsyth, Emma Kauldhar, and Sophie Beth Jones.