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Close-up of dancers on the stage taken from the wings, each dancer wearing Georgian costume and smiling broadly

The Nutcracker Photos

Photos from the Stage

Dancers dressed in white in a whiter scene hold a young, happy woman aloft
Dancer dressed as a soldier lifts a dancer wearing a white dress as she extends her toes
Against a Georgian ballroom adults and children pose uniformly
Dancers in pink, one supporting the other while she stands en pointe in arabesque
Dancers all dressed in pink and orange bodices and skirts stand in a line on their toes and arms high in the air
A young woman on a sedan chair held aloft on the shoulders of four dancers
Dancer wearing Spanish-style dress leaps in the air, arms and one leg parallel behind the body of the dancer
Dancer in military dress rides a fake horse while another wears a papier mache head and holds a wooden sword
Two dancers, one wearing a lilac coat and white dress, the other wearing a blue dress uniform
Dancer stood on toes of one foot while extending her leg into the air dressed in a pink and orange skirt and bodice
Black and white photo of a dancer held high
Dancers in military dress poised for battle riding horses and wielding wooden swords
Dancer dressed in a long coat holding a soldier-shaped nutcracker doll in front of him

Photos from the Rehearsal Room

Close-up photo of dancers in costumes
A dancer in arabesque holding a Nutcracker doll
Dancer dressed as a giant Nutcracker has a sword raised
Dancers in mouse costumes
Dancer throwing his cloak back
Dancers all in a line bowed forward

Photos taken by Bill Cooper, George Liang, Kyle Baines, Emma Kauldhar and Emily Nuttall