Three Little Pigs music

Did you enjoy Three Little Pigs and are you interested in the music used? Here are the details of the music we danced to...

  1. Frank Churchill Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
  2. Robert Farnon Jumping Bean
  3. Richard Hayman Skipping Along
  4. Colin Smith Looking Around
  5. Johnny Steggerda Sleepwalker of Amsterdam
  6. Kermit & Walter Leslie Walking on Ice
  7. Leroy Anderson The Syncopated Clock
  8. Charles Williams The Devil’s Galop
  9. Léo Delibes Coppélia Act I Scene 4
  10. Léo Delibes Sylvia Act III No. 20 - Pizzicato
  11. Robert Farnon The Huckle-Buckle
  12. Johann Strauss II Perpetuum Mobile