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The Kingdom of Back is inspired by the life of composer Wolfgang Mozart’s exceptional but overshadowed sister, Nannerl. This entertaining performance will leave you rooting for a woman born ahead of her time.

Nannerl, according to her father, was the foremost keyboard player in Europe at just 12 years of age. Not the only musical talent in the family, she was soon surpassed by her brilliant brother who was five years her junior. After several years of touring as an impressive sibling double act, her performing career came to an end as her brother’s soared.

We know Nannerl was a composer because her compositions were praised by her brother, yet none survive today. Inspired by the existing letters of the Mozart family, I imagine a character in the shadows, stuck forever in her ‘Kingdom of Back’ – the imaginary childhood world of the Mozart siblings – as her brother begins his journey towards immortality.

Rachael Gillespie lifts her leg in a high arabesque with an arm outstretched
Nanerl Mozart find her happy when leaping with joy
Herr Mozart interupts Nanerl and Wolfgang's fun in The Kingdom of Back. Photo Emma Kauldhar
Nanerl Mozart is  embraced and lifted by the world around her.
Antoinette Brooks-Daw as Nanerl Mozart in The Kingdom of Back. Photo Emma Kauldhar

Creative Team

  • Morgann Runacre-Temple
Sound Design & Original Music
  • Frank Moon
Additional Music
  • JS Bach (performed by The Swingle Singers)
  • WA Mozart (performed by The Swingle Singers; The Academy of St Martin in the Fi…
  • Leopold Mozart (performed by Christine Schornsheim) & David Bowie*
Lighting Design
Costume Design
  • Kimie Nakano
Costume Design Assistant
Text Extracts
  • Mozart Family Letters

* Life on Mars?
Written by David Bowie
Published by Tintoretto Music/RZO Music Ltd/BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd/EMI
Music Publishing Ltd
Courtesy of RZO Music Ltd

Photos taken by Emma Kauldhar.