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Two dancers in duckling costumes with arms folded

Ugly Duckling Characters

A dancer dressed in a grey dress in a ballet pose


She looks different to the other ducklings, and runs away to try and find others like her. On her adventures, she learns she is actually a swan and has been beautiful all along.
Four dancers dressed as ducklings in a line

The Ducklings

Bright yellow and a bit mischievous, they don’t want to play with Ugly because she looks and dances differently to them.
Three dancers dressed as ducklings hugging another dancer dressed as a Mother Duck

Mother Duck

She loves all of her family including Ugly, but gets cross when they are naughty.
A dancer leap frogging over another

The Frogs

They love to have fun leaping and dancing around, and they can jump very high.
Three female dancers in two cat costumes and a duckling

The Cats

Black and slinky, they enjoy basking in the sun but are quite unfriendly towards Ugly.
Dancer in a fox costume stood on one leg

The Fox

He appears to be charming and gracious, but likes to make a snack out of ducklings!
A dancer in a tutu in an arabesque

Swan Queen

Elegant and enchanting, she takes Ugly into her flock of swans.

Photos taken by Emily Nuttall.