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Mother Duck is ecstatic with her newly hatched brood

Ugly Duckling Characters

Ugly plays with the frogs


She looks different to the other ducklings, and runs away to try and find others like her. On her adventures, she learns she is actually a swan and has been beautiful all along.
Ugly is happy, but knows she is somehow different from her siblings

The Ducklings

Bright yellow and a bit mischievous, they don’t want to play with Ugly because she looks and dances differently to them.
Mother Duck is deliriously happy, she's expecting her clutch to hatch soon

Mother Duck

She loves all of her family including Ugly, but gets cross when they are naughty.
The frog plays with Ugly

The Frogs

They love to have fun leaping and dancing around, and they can jump very high.
Sleek and graceful, our feline friends dance happily

The Cats

Black and slinky, they enjoy basking in the sun but are quite unfriendly towards Ugly.
Ugly realises exactly what Fox meant by, 'having her for tea'

The Fox

He appears to be charming and gracious, but likes to make a snack out of ducklings!
What a beautiful swan, Ugly can only dream of being so beautiful and graceful.

Swan Queen

Elegant and enchanting, she takes Ugly into her flock of swans.

Photos taken by Brian Slater.