Costume drawings

As we approach the world première of our new ballet Victoria, here's an exclusive first look at all of the exquisite costume drawings.

This special insight is brought to you as part of our Fit for a Queen Costume Appeal.

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Created by renowned Danish designer Steffen Aarfing, the costumes will play an integral part in bringing the reign of one of Britain's most iconic Queens to life on stage.

With over a year of preparation, the costumes are created at Northern Ballet's base in Leeds by our in-house Wardrobe team.


As well as looking regal, the costumes must be stretchy, sturdy and sustainable to last over 55 performances as we tour throughout the UK.

Could you help us to create the costumes needed for our dancers by supporting our Costume Appeal?

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Thanks to Steffen Aarfling for the kind use of his designs.