Queen of the United Kingdom and later Empress of India. A stubborn widow reliant on a few companions, Victoria was once a vivacious young queen passionately in love with her husband.

Princess Beatrice

Victoria and Albert's youngest child. Just four years old when her father died, Beatrice knows her mother only as a gloomy and demanding widow who restricts her freedom to keep her as a companion.


Victoria's husband and Prince Consort. Educated and cultured, he has a passion for reform and innovation. He loves Victoria but believes she should defer to his greater knowledge.

John Brown

Formerly Albert's servant at Balmoral and now Victoria's. Strong and down to earth, he is a favourite of the Queen but hated by her children and subjects who disapprove of his familiarity with the Queen.

Lord Melbourne

Member of the Whig political party and Prime Minister in the early years of Victoria's reign. Gallant and kind, he enjoys teaching Victoria and she becomes infatuated with him.


Prince Henry of Battenberg, a dashing soldier and husband to Princess Beatrice. Charming and gallant, he even sweeps Victoria off her feet.

Benjamin Disraeli

Member of the Tory political party and Prime Minister twice during Victoria's reign. Responsible for creating Victoria Empress of India, he flatters her and they enjoy a close friendship.

William Gladstone

Liberal leader and Prime Minister four times during Victoria's reign. Religious, moralistic and highly principled, he is disliked by Victoria who feels that he lectures her.


Victoria's mother and Albert's aunt. As a widow and foreigner, she depends on Conroy for advice. She is over-protective of the young Victoria and restricts her freedom which the latter resents.


Victoire's companion and comptroller of her household. Ambitious and self-serving, he has a powerful influence over Victoire and is hated by Victoria for his tyranny.

Uncle Leopold

King of the Belgians, brother to Victoire and uncle to both Victoria and Albert. Leopold is a close confidante and friend to both his niece and nephew, and is instrumental in arranging their marriage.


Victoria and Albert's eldest son and future King Edward VII. He has a difficult relationship with his parents from childhood onwards.