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Young Cathy and her foster brother share a meal at home

Wuthering Heights Characters


A penniless orphan, Heathcliff is adopted by Cathy and Hindley’s father and brought to live at Wuthering Heights as a young boy. His intense connection with Cathy is his only solace from a turbulent relationship with his step-brother and an uncertain future.

Cathy Earnshaw

Headstrong and wild, having been allowed to run free on the windswept Yorkshire moors as a girl, Cathy’s relationship with Heathcliff is all consuming until a chance encounter with Edgar Linton.

Hindley Earnshaw

An impetuous and spiteful child, Hindley feels shunned by his father and sister following Heathcliff’s arrival. Upon inheriting Wuthering Heights he seeks his revenge, reducing Heathcliff to no more than a servant.

Edgar Linton

Different to Heathcliff in almost every way, Edgar has been raised in the genteel surroundings of Thrushcross Grange. Although a weak-willed and spoilt boy, Edgar has a kind heart and falls for Cathy completely.

Isabella Linton

Sister to Edgar, Isabella lives at Thrushcross Grange. Her loving and sweet nature hides a desperate loneliness which draws her to Heathcliff when he returns to Wuthering Heights a wealthy man.

Header image taken by Emma Kauldhar.