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Pippa Moore on the poster image for Giselle, photo by Jason Tozer


Incorporating all the original choreography by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, Giselle is restaged for Northern Ballet by Yoko Ichino, who has danced the lead role many times for some of the world’s greatest companies.

Northern Ballet’s Giselle follows the traditional story of the young, sickly peasant girl Giselle who falls in love with the handsome Prince Albrecht. On finding her love is unrequited, and weakened by her ill health, Giselle dies. She is summoned from her grave by the Wilis, the spirits of women betrayed before their wedding days who return to take vengeance on men by dancing them to death. Giselle saves the remorseful Albrecht from his certain fate proving that love can conquer all – even death.

‘Exquisite staging’
TQS Magazine
‘radiant performance’
York Press
Giselle enters the world of the Willis
The Willis gather to help Giselle find revenge
Albrecht woos Giselle with simple gifts and pretty talk
Dancers lined up in arabesque
The villagers turn against Albrecht after Giselle takes her life

Creative Team

  • Adolphe Adam
  • Yoko Ichino
  • Jean Coralli
  • Jules Perrot
Reduced Orchestration
Sets and Costumes
Lighting Design
Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Mikhaila Pye
Assisted by
  • Heather Burtt
  • Claire O'Neill
Wigs & Make-up Supervisor
  • Helen Russell

Header image Pippa Moore, taken by Jason Tozer. Production photos taken by Bill Cooper.