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Baby Bear is upset when he finds his chair broken

Goldilocks & the Three Bears Characters

Goldilocks is tired and gets ready to try the three different beds


A girl with hair as bright as gold, Goldilocks is very curious and mischievous. Always in search of a new adventure, she often gets into trouble.
Goldilocks and Blue Bird dance together in the kitchen

Blue Bird

His feathers are every shade of blue and sparkle like glitter. He becomes friends with Goldilocks.
The rather natty Fox takes a stroll


Mysterious and clever, she likes to play tricks on those she meets.
Papa, Baby and Mama Bear set out for a woodland walk

Papa Bear

He is funny and a very loving father, but can be rather clumsy and forgetful.
Mama Bear mixes the porridge just right

Mama Bear

She is a good cook and enjoys spending time playing with her family.
Mama and Papa Bear help Baby Baby back up after he falls

Little Bear

He is always excited and is very kind to others.
Goldilocks's mother hugs her precocious daughter

Goldilocks's Mother

She loves her daughter but often has to tell her off for not concentrating and making her worry.

Photos taken by Brian Slater and Lauren Godfrey.