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Oops! Goldilocks breaks a chair while sitting in it

Goldilocks & the Three Bears Story

In a village

One sunny morning, Goldilocks is helping her Mother to bake a cake. Left alone in the kitchen to make sure it doesn’t burn, Goldilocks soon forgets and makes friends with a beautiful blue bird flying in the garden and they head off into the forest looking for an adventure.

Goldilocks and Blue Bird dance together in the kitchen

In the forest

In the middle of the forest lives a happy family of three bears. Mama Bear has been cooking up some porridge but it is too hot to eat, so they decide to go out for a walk. As they walk out the door Little Bear runs back in to get his ball so they can play with it in the forest.

Goldilocks and Blue Bird are deep in the forest when a fox jumps out of a bush. She suggests they play hide and seek, so Goldilocks volunteers to count and she finds Blue Bird first. While he counts Goldilocks and Fox decide to hide somewhere further away. When Blue Bird can’t find them nearby, he goes looking further into the forest.

Goldilocks and Fox soon come across the Bears’ house. Goldilocks can’t resist exploring the beautiful house, but Fox stays outside to keep watch.

Inside the Bears’ house

Looking around, Goldilocks spots three bowls of delicious porridge. The porridge in the big bowl is too hot and the medium bowl is too cold, but the smallest bowl is just right! After finishing the porridge Goldilocks wants a rest and spies three chairs. The big chair is too big and the medium chair is too short, but the smallest chair is just right! After sitting in the chair for a few moments it breaks. Goldilocks runs upstairs and finds three beds. The big bed is too hard and the medium bed is too soft, but the smallest bed is just right! Feeling exhausted, she lies down and falls asleep.

Goldilocks hugs a lovely soft cushion

The Bears return

The Bears arrive back and, together with Blue Bird, enter the house to notice that the porridge has been eaten and that Little Bear’s chair is broken. They go upstairs and Goldilocks wakes with a jump and starts crying. Little Bear takes her hand and tells her not to be scared. Goldilocks apologises, helps the Bears to tidy up the house and invites them all back to her house for dinner.

Back at home

Mother has been very worried and when she sees her daughter she gives her a big hug. Goldilocks explains what happened and introduces her new friends. Mother smiles, relieved, and after getting to know her lovely guests they have a fun afternoon together.

Goldilocks's mother hugs her precocious daughter

Photos taken by Brian Slater and Lauren Godfrey.