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Uther holds Ygraine as she is in arabesque

Culture Recovery Fund

We are very grateful to announce that we have been awarded a further £372,000 from the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund.

This is very welcome as we continue to deal with the ongoing consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Fund was set up originally in 2020 to help cinemas, performance venues, museums, heritage sites and other cultural organisations to deal with the immediate challenges of the pandemic including months of closures and cancellations. Northern Ballet is one of 925 recipients to benefit from the latest round of awards from the Culture Recovery Fund. 

Chief Executive, Mark Skipper DL said:

“Northern Ballet is incredibly grateful for the continued support from the Government as we experience the on-going consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. This grant from the Culture Recovery Fund has provided us with the financial security to continue to deliver performances through November and December, and leaves us in a stronger position to look to the future."

Header image from Merlin, taken by Riku Ito.

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