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The Water Sprite jumps impressively and points at something we cannot see

Pinocchio Photos

Production Photos

Pinocchio is proud as he is about to go to school with a satchel across one shoulder and a smile on his face
Geppetto practices with his latest creation, a puppet
The Water Sprite warns Pinocchio of the dangers of his recently acquired independence and of the dangers of lying
The Water Sprite leaps and dances joyfully while Pinocchio looks on in wonder.
Geppetto looks warily through his workshop while holding a candle.
The Showman shows Pinocchio gleefully on his circus stage.
Camden the Cat stands furtively against the doors
Geppetto warns Pinocchio speaking firmly and wagging a finger, while Pinocchio simply looks on petulantly
Phineus the Fox and Camden the Cat tell Pinocchio tales to seduce him into doing what they want
Pinocchio looks questioningly at the shocked Geppetto while the fairy presents him

Rehearsal Photos

Albert Gonzalez Orts rehearsing Pinocchio, photo George Liang
Creating Pinocchio with Gavin McCaig and Matthew Topliss, photo George Liang
The fox acts all sweet and innocent
A dancer stands using a fancy walking cane while another looks from behind him
Julie Nunes and George Liang rehearsing Pinocchio, photo Alessandra Bramate
The fox leans forwards and wags his finger
Pinocchio struggles against his strings being controlled by Gepetto
A dancer falls forward
A dancer stands on one leg, the other outstretched beside him
Pinocchio choreographer Gavin McCaig, photo George Liang
With his nose growing, a dancer strides across the rehearsal room
The dancer toast with drink alonft
One dancer holds another back while they both hold popcorn

Production photos and header image Drew Forsyth.

Rehearsal photos Emily Nuttall, George Liang, and Alessandra Bramante.