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World Première


In a faraway land, a hard-working and lonely carpenter wishes for his puppet Pinocchio to come to life. By the magic of a wishing well his dream comes true! Pinocchio is playful and mischievous and must prove himself worthy of becoming a real boy. Join Pinocchio on his adventure as he discovers that where there is love and honesty, there is always magic.

An original retelling of the classic children's story, Pinocchio is the perfect opportunity for your little ones to enjoy live ballet, music and theatre.

With sell-out performances and a string of hugely successful CBeebies TV adaptations, Northern Ballet’s productions for children are not to be missed.

This child friendly performance lasts approximately 40 minutes.

An original ballet based on The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi.

A dancer acts like a puppet being controlled from above
With his nose growing, a dancer strides across the rehearsal room
A dancer stands on one leg with the other out in front
Three dancers perform triumphantly holding their canes

Creative Team

Choreographed and Directed by
Music Composed by
Set Designed by
Lighting Designed by
  • Abbi Fearnley
Costumes Designed by
  • Kim Brassley
  • Carley Marsh

Relaxed Performances

Friday 29 October 11.00am
Saturday 30 October 11.00am
Friday 10 December 11.00am
Saturday 11 December 11.00am

Relaxed Performances are open to anyone and aim to reduce anxiety around theatre visits to help everyone have an enjoyable time. They may benefit people with sensory or communication disorders, or a learning disability. There is a more informal atmosphere in the auditorium and features include:

  • The lights in the auditorium will remain on during the performance
  • You can make noise during the performance
  • You can leave and re-enter the auditorium as you need
  • If you want to leave the auditorium there is a chill-out space available
  • The sound and lighting are adapted to reduce the volume and remove flashing lighting effects
  • Ear defenders are available if the sound is too loud; these can be collected at the Box Office

Illustration and photos Emily Nuttall

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