Puss in Boots characters

Read on to find out more about the key characters from Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots

A clever and charming cat, Puss wants to explore and make new friends. The trouble is, he always seems to bring his master Jack, bad luck!

Jack Wilson

He gets taken on an adventure full of surprises whilst looking for his cat, Puss in Boots.

Fred Wilson

Jack's father, Fred is a humble market seller who saves up to buy gifts for his two children.

Jane Wilson

Jack’s sister, she is given a bracelet as a gift from their father.

Market Sellers

Working in the local village, they make Puss a special outfit of a hat, belt and boots.

Village Cats

They think Puss's clothes are silly - until his enthusiasm and excitement has them dancing the night away.

Bunny Rabbit

A greedy little rabbit who enjoys munching on the King’s carrots and lettuces.

Little Bird

She plays with Puss in the palace gardens before Puss helps her and Bunny Rabbit escape.

Palace Guard

Keeps watch over the palace gardens and tries to protect the royal vegetables from being eaten by Bunny Rabbit.

King Kasper

After Puss runs into his lavish palace, he and his daughter Princess Marguerite join him in a dance. 

Princess Marguerite

Daughter of King Kasper, she is delighted with Puss's entertainment and presents him with a new cape as a gift.

Penelope Purr

Princess Marguerite’s beautiful white cat who plays and dances with Puss.

Court Lady

Attends King Kasper and Princess Marguerite.