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The swans line up ready to take flight

Swan Lake Photos

Production Photos

The swans line up ready to take flight
The party guests gather by the lake to cool off from the summer sun
Cygnets from swan Lake dancing in perfect harmony
There's a great ball at the house by the lake
As Anthony falls for Odette, so she falls for him
Simon, Odilia and Anthony dance together
Odette in a perfect arabesque
The swans gather around Anthony and Odette in the lake

Rehearsal Photos

Northern Ballet dancers rehearse as Swans
Ayami Miyata and Sean Bates rehearse for their roles in Swan Lake
Nortehrn Ballet dancers rehearse performing as Swans
Amay Miyata impresses in rehearsals as a Swan
Miki Akuta gets ready for rehearsal of Swan Lake

Production photos by Emma Kauldhar and Lauren Godfrey, rehearsal photos by Justin Slee.