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Marilla in a blue dress, sat on the floor looking at the stars, smiling wanly

The Little Mermaid Photos

Production Photos

Marilla holds a knife quizzically while Prince Adair stands facing away from her
Man reaching up while a female mermaid with tail flowing behind her holds his wrists
Lry and dancers representing the sea bend forward and look menacing with their arms lifted to the side
The Little Mermaid holds the seahorse shy Dillion with a smile
Dancers dressing in blue and green representing the sea, all dancing in unison
Dancer performing as a red seahorse
Marilla, in a light shiff and blue top, dances in front of the gathering on land, all wearing reds, and they are all watching her
Prince Adair sits in shock as a newly legged Marilla leans against his legs
Marilla held aloft while singing demonstratively
Marilla in a blue dress, sat on the floor looking at the stars, smiling wanly
Female dancers wearing green dresses and white hats reaching up and gradually kneeling down.

Rehearsal Photos 2022

A group of dancers in rehearsal clothes stand in a uniform pose
A dancer holds another hand to keep them steady as they balance on a pointed foot, their other leg bent behind them
The rehearsal director looks on as two dancers embrace in a difficult ballet pose
Male dancer in arabesque, one arm in front and another behind him as he rehearses
Two dancers mirror each other's pose, on one foot, leg stretched behind them, arm stretched in front of them, looking at one another
Two dancers hold hand while each are on one foot, the other raised to shoulder level while smiling

Production Photos 2017

Marilla holds a knife in front of her uncertainly
Dillion and Marilla play together as true friends
Matthew Koon leaps impressively in The Little Mermaid
Marilla fights and Dillion tries to help her as Lyr confirms their pact
Prince Adair dances arabesque
Marilla sings with joy as she delivers the shipwrecked Prince Adair safely ashore
Riku Ito jumps high in The Little Mermaid
Dana and Prince Adair dance happily
Marilla's sisters, Erina and Evelina, swim through the ocean

Photos by Emily Nuttall, Bill Cooper, George Liang, Kyle Baines and Emma Kauldhar.