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D'Artagnan leaps with joy


An impoverished nobleman. He travels to Paris to become a musketeer.
The Musketeers and Constance celebrate and touch tips of their swords in solidarity

Athos, Porthos & Aramis

The three musketeers. Distinguished swordsmen and valiant fighters loyal to the King.
Constance, full of love and excitement, leaps through the air

Constance Bonacieux

Loyal lady-in-waiting to Queen Anne. Daughter of Madame Bonacieux.
Milady and Rochfort read an intercepted letter and being thier plot

Milady de Winter

Mysterious, beautiful and dangerous. One of Cardinal Richelieu's secret agents.
Anne and Buckingham steal a few precious moments for their illicit love

Queen Anne

Unhappily married to King Louis XIII. She has an affair with the Duke of Buckingham.
King Louis greets his wife with an ambivalence to which she is all too accustomed

King Louis XIII

King of France. Easily manipulated by Cardinal Richelieu.
Cardinal Richlieu, Milady de Winter and Rochfort plan their heinous conspiracy

Cardinal Richelieu

The most powerful man in France. He is the King's most influential advisor and hates Queen Anne.
The Duke of Buckingham passes a latter to his manservant with very important instructions

Duke of Buckingham

An English nobleman desperately in love with Queen Anne.
After a successful skirmish, Rochfort surveys the scene of the battle

Comte de Rochefort

One of Cardinal Richelieu's secret agents.

Production photos taken by Emma Kauldhar.