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Beast leaps angrily

Beauty & the Beast Photos

From the Rehearsal Room

In rehearsals for Beauty & the Beast and male dancer holds a female dancer by her waist above his head with one arm. She has one hand on his shoulders and the other arm, and legs, are raised.
Dancer menacingly stands on a table following instruction as he rehearses the role of the Beast.
In rehearsals for Beauty & the Beast, two dancers practice their titular roles, hold hands and gaze at each other lovingly.
a female dancer stands on one foot en pointe, her leg perpendicular behind her and her arms raised high above her head. The male dancer, rehearsing as the Beast, kneels on the ground and holds her waist to support her.
Male dancer holds his arms up as the Beast as he rehearses the role
Sarah Chun in rehearsals stands en pointe on one foot, her other leg raise behind her, one arm reaching out in front of her where she holds on to a male dancer supporting her position and holding her steady.
Male dancer with a dark top and blue shorts menacingly kneels on the dance floor as he rehearses as the Beast
during rehearsals a male dancer stands supporting a female dancer whose legs are in arabesque but 40 centimetres above the ground, she's holding herself aloft by leaning on his arms which are bent to hold her weight
Dancer in a dark zipped up top smiles warmly as he is given instruction and advice
Dancers look on to Christelle's laptop, watching a previous cast perform the roles they are rehearsing for

Photos Emily Nuttall, 2023.

Photos From the Stage

Sprites look on as Beast falls for Beauty
Falling in love, Beauty and Beast dance together
After all their money, posessions and clothes are gone, the family huddle together for warmth
Beast leaps angrily
The Beast plays in the snow and Beauty joins in
Lost in the woods, Beauty's father laments all he has lost

Photos Emma Kauldhar, 2016.