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Beauty and Beast stand close and stare intensively and each other, both uncertain of the other

Beauty & the Beast: A Fresh Take

A fresh take on Beauty & the Beast at Leeds Grand Theatre

Famed for our unique retellings, it may come as no surprise that our adaptation of Beauty & the Beast, created by David Nixon CBE is a little different. Showing at Leeds Grand Theatre next week, here’s a glimpse of what makes our production sparkle.

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Goblins Run Amok!

Beast's castle will hold more than a few surprises for both you and the unsuspecting Beauty. Goblin servants prowl the grounds, but don't be scared — they're more mischievous than menacing. Be sure to look out for their new masks and headpieces created by our in-house team.

Four dancers dressed as goblins on stage all leant on each other striding across the stage.
Three gold masks on mannequins with scales and goblin features

Climbing the Property Ladder

Need some inspiration for your next DIY project? Have you considered building your home out of a climbing frame? When you see Beast defying gravity by clinging to the walls of his castle, that's because our clever tech team managed to create his frightening lair out of a children's climbing frame!

An Unexpected Sibling Rivalry

Beauty and her sisters aren't the only siblings at odds in our retelling. Instead of working together, the two fairy sisters, La Fée Luminaire and La Fée Magnifique, both try to teach the Prince a lesson in their own special way.

Will the Curse Be Lifted?

With all these differences, will the characters still get to live happily ever after? Don't worry, if there's one thing we know how to deliver, it's a fairytale ending as Beauty and the Beast find true love.

Did you know?

Leeds Grand Theatre sells a limited number of £20 secret seats for each performance. Why not see if you can snap one up for Beauty & the Beast?

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two dancers on stage in a ballet pose wearing orange, gold and brown costumes
Six female dancers, each wearing brightly colourful dresses and hats stand in a row looking down
The Beast leaps high across the stage
Dancers, dressed in pale gold costume, paired with the male holding the female by the waist for stability as she in en pointe ion one foot and in arabesque.

Photos Tristram Kenton, Emma Kauldhar and Ellis Drtrych.