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Find out what the audience thought of the return of Casanova and book your tickets for the ballet that has had audiences on their feet.
I think I could see it another 100 times and see something new each time. Absolutely spectacular as always ?
@zoenorthernpilates, Instagram
Truly stunning in every possible way, shape and form! Sublime choreography, stunning costumes and the staging and lighting was off the chart!! I am seriously thinking of seeing it again! One not to be missed x
Wendy, Facebook
A mesmerising performance where the combination of powerful music, amazing set design, superb choreography and incredible ballet dancing takes your breath away. It is a must see.
Jessica, Facebook
Stunning ballet. Wonderful production design, lighting and costume design too. A triumph for Choreographer Kenneth Tindall and the Company.
David, Facebook
Beautiful music, beautiful choreography, beautiful performance
@YAhkter, Twitter
Bellino tentatively accepts Casanova outstretched hand
Loved the show - absolutely fantastic and mesmerising
Sue, Facebook
Don’t miss it. Tremendous
Stephen, Facebook
An incredibly strong and beautiful ballet. Everyone must see it!
@chrisieastham, Instagram
Oh my goodness saw the ballet Casanova with my sister tonight. It was amazing!!!!!! Get yourself there it’s certainly one not miss. Loved it
@FitnessFergi, Twitter
Casanova and M.M. on a table, M.M. leaning forward extending a leg vertically while Casanova supports her.
It was hands down the best thing I have ever seen on stage. Every single element was perfection, from the choreography to the costumes, set design, lighting, and the dancers themselves. And the music, oh, the music ? the whole thing had this incredible cinematic quality to it. Even if you think ballet isn’t your thing, please go see it. It was just sensational. ? thank you to every talented human that was part of putting this together, we’re so lucky ✨
@anjaism, Instagram
Madame de Pompadour dressed in powder-blue silk removing her ornate mask for a clearer look at something out of frame
@northernballet Casanova last night, a truly exquisite performance. There aren’t enough words to tell you how brilliant this was, I cannot urge you enough to go and book yourself a ticket immediately, even if you think you’re not really interested in ballet. There are so many elements to this performance that make it remarkable. Thank you to all involved in bringing this to life.
@leedsconfidential, Instagram
Casanova embraces and lifts Balletti while looking straight into her eyes
One of the best productions I've ever seen on a stage. Bravo!
Sue, Facebook
Saw it in Leeds. Truly amazing production. All dancers were outstanding. Thoroughly recommend. It's a must see.
Peter, Facebook
Amazing show - dancers, music, set design, costumes and lighting were all superb. Delighted to have been able to have been there for the final show in Leeds this evening!
Verity, Facebook
Loved this performance- the choreography and costumes were sublime
Vanessa, Facebook
It’s a wonderful production and I so enjoyed it last night! Grab a ticket if you can!!
Elizabeth, Facebook
Female dancers wearing masks and 18th century costumes

Photos Emma Kauldhar, Caroline Holden and Riku Ito.